Midlife can be a tricky time! For me, it was a chance to discover a simple fact about myself, one that had actually been there, all along: I am happiest when I am creative.
My creativity has expressed itself in many styles and media: music to writing, drawing and entrepreneurial ventures, painting and graphic design, and even an unorthodox lifestyle. I believe creativity is my own true pathway to spiritual growth and ascension.
 I love people, my visual work is normally preoccupied with the human condition. The materials and media are usually a question of convenience rather than formal discipline; because of this, I have become familiar with many creative processes.  I have recently focused on graphite and charcoal portraitures. which has evolved to painting (acrylics), printmaking, and the use of 
digital mediums.
I love music! I’ve played in bands all my life with a particular passion for jazz piano. In the Seventies, I played piano professionally
and have been fortunate to rediscover that joy over the past decade. I particularly
enjoy trio work (piano, bass, drums), because of the tremendous potential and freedom that creative interplay brings–again, the people thing!
I believe that true inspiration is rare; it requires consistent creative and experimental practice for it to make its appearance. Music, writing, and visual arts have always been my life, but I now have a life -shift chance to develop the attitude and aptitude in these liberal arts.
My current creative objective, beyond continued development, is to work with others to focus on multi-media abstractions and presentations that include life and creative lessons that I have learned, and ways they might teach, inspire or even involve others.

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